Monday, March 29, 2010

Decrypting LiFe!

I only begin to find solace in confiding my uncertainties and sorrows to a friend and I realize that friendship means squat to him.
I start seeing good in everybody and they start taking me for granted.
I decide to go reckless, live in the moment... and a disapproving inner self would hold me back.

Then the truth dawned upon me~ I wasn't very good at living life...!! In fact, I was a loser life wise..! Academics I can handle... par life ka kya??!
So I went for some help. I figured plenty of wise men have left their trail of thoughts for people like me, to help us figure out the life's intricate complexities.

 A great man in "the cookbook of English quotes" told me that trusting someone blindly would give me unparalleled joy, another wise one snorted a sarcastic "yeah, right!" at that, nullifying the peace the first guy had blessed me with, leaving me suddenly aware of the harsh realities of life... These men seemed to be disagreeing on nearly every possible subject! Their ideas were extremes, contradicting each other at every point!

So it seems that in the "Age of great men", while half the "great men" painted you a serene and angelic picture of life, the other half were busy highlighting the flaws and evil plots that life's so full of! And these gourmets have nibbled at life with such relish, that no aspect of human behaviour or emotion is left to taste.

So now that the whole exploring-the-human-mind thing has been done already, supposedly the wise men in this generation must be jobless!
If only some out there, instead of straining their brilliant minds over "how much would xyz subatomic particle weigh??" or "the new protein present in the cell wall of some stupid bacterium", diverted them toward decrypting life  by a concise systematic review or  meta-analysis of everything great people have said, every relevant anecdote, every intervention, every outcome, every pilot attempt at reaching the ultimate truth... If only somebody dared to work upon this unanswered research question   ... life would be so much simpler!
But till that happens, life to me remains the most puzzling problem, the most complex cryptogram!


Ashwini said...

Looks like you yourself have thought a good deal about 'life'. And as far as these great men are concerned, you need to find your own answers, they just dont work! ;)

Anshu said...

Hi Amrita,

Beautifully put! And somehow I identify with most of what you say.. because I guess, it is pure Libran-ese!


Shaily Jain said...

Amu...lemme first clean d auro of low thots around u..well if life was so predictable,there wud be no excitement,no charm,no judgement,no surprises!!Gosh..! who can live without these??
Dont u think it wud like recieving a platter of all those monotonous,boring n usual stuffs everytime..
There will be no uncertainities,no adveutures n the biggest no exploration..
Its like goin straight to Pantaloons n missing out the trendy collection @ Globus!! [;)]hope u get me there..not very good @ citing examples,yet cudnt resist tellin ya that life is so beautiful despite being haphazard..!

Rather grab by every means all the chances to live upto every moment of life,learning n exploring its vivid colors!

P.S. you cant let 'sumone'decide such big discovery of wot u call as 'decrypting life'!!