Sunday, February 6, 2011

17 again

17... thats how old I was, when you asked me to decide.
Back then I really had no clue, in you I now confide.
Architecture seemed fascinating... MBBS, the easier way.
So I chose people over sky scrapers... and, with Ma & Pa I got to stay!

Life in Sewagram was all I knew, I still went through orientation.
Met 64 new kids from far and near, as they struggled with homesickness n starvation.

In the class on day one, I sat just scribbling notes, when somebody yelled "Kalantri".
I looked up at this new professor wondering, "how the hell does he know me?!"

And then on I got used to being called out, no matter how much I tried.
Any row, any corner, wherever I sat, I simply could not hide!

There are many things others mustn't know. So I am told not to gossip.
But I am a girl with curious friends. Some things are bound to slip!

When I win, it's because I am a daughter. When I don't, its in spite of it.
All others will agree when I say, It ain't easy being a staff kid! 

Yes, won't deny that we do get some perks... Some smiles and maybe a mark or two.
But believe me it just isn't worth all the crap we are made to go through!

Don't get too sentimental, I now admit after all this emotional drama...
If 17 again, I'll still pick what I chose coz at least I get ghar ka khana!