Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Defenseless deities

Everybody has a favorite color. Mine is red. Everybody has a favorite TV show. Mine is FRIENDS. Everybody has a favorite writer. Mine is Rowling. Likewise, everybody has a favorite God! This, I don’t.
It’s probably the lack of thorough reading of our mythology, that keeps me from picking my favorite. Whatever the reason maybe, I beckon to him as somebody flawless, supreme, unseen.  Yet, there.  And that’s enough for me. I right, to please him. I avoid wrong to not displease him. And that disciplines my life.

Flea bitten my knowledge of mythology may be, but I always knew that Lord Krishna was a very practical man. Aren’t we all taught that means are as important as the ends?? (Wink wink at all Sewagramees!)… They were never so to him were they? Ram on the other hand was a Godlier figure. I liked him better. And so, predictably, I preferred Ramayana over Mahabharata. Yes, the fact that it is less complicated (though less interesting) was a contributory factor too!

I saw Rajneeti the other day. And it did nothing to heighten my respect for Krishna. Few days later, I saw Raavan. And I came back unhappy. It wasn’t the movie. Mani Ratnam did a fab job according to me.  But now, the god in Ram was fast being replaced by a man… Flawed, regular and imperfect.

Every time I thought about these two heroes, my temper soared. I need my God to be 100% God! Twenty four carat! No copper! (Wink at pa!)
I cursed them right left center in front of my parents… hoping them to defend the deities…  But they didn’t. Or couldn’t. (?)

Agreed, they are human avatars of god, so they are allowed to be slightly blemished. Agreed, they were being portrayed like the rest of us. But also, they are supposed to be ideal men. These two avatars are supposed to be the most righteous of humans… 

And yet somehow I feel that sapiens godlier than these gods have walked this planet...
If they haven’t, I would want to stop striving to be a better person…
And if they have, gods simply aren’t good enough and I…. will remain favorite bereft in this regard!
The later, I prefer!