Friday, April 16, 2010

Emotional knapsack!

As I stare at the credits of another one of those happily ending romantics, all weepy and choky, I know that the next thirty minutes or so are going to be ecstatic!
These thirty minutes for me are so emotionally charged, that I am very sure, I am floating at least a millimetre above the floor during them! ;D
The reason for the strange positivity in the air, I don’t know.
But as they tick by...  I forgive my mom for yelling at me. I thank god for the lovely weather. I laugh like an idiot over silly things. I suddenly know what the tattoo on my shoulder's going to be! I want to chat with my friends. I want to cook. I want to make my parents tea. I even picture Ashu n Shaily with kids! (he he!) Yeah!

 It’s in these precious thirty that I am in such a high that classes, college, career mean trash. There is more to life than the tangibles. Love, friendship, trust, sacrifice, joy... they are all that matter!

There are no inhibitions. No second thoughts. No holding back. No regard for "if I do this, that could happen!"
At times these thirty make me do things I would never even consider doing. Is that giving you a positive vibe? It’s the opposite! The things you avoid when you are in your right mind, (and by right mind I mean not so utterly euphoric) are better left unscathed. But the spell the movie has you under, has disarmed you incompetent to be discrete! You want to sort things with the freak you stopped talking to, because all of a sudden, the reason for the lack of conversation seems irrational! Big mistake! You want to call another one who screwed you over and say "it’s okay, let’s forget it" and apologise for being aloof.  Somebody hold me back! I wouldn’t have even cared to think about these jerks otherwise! 

And I relate the intensity of this crazy urge to "sort things out" directly proportional to number of tears you shed during the movie. And if the end of the movie leaves you all wet and weepy... Gone! No one can help me then! I am bound to do something that I'll regret later!

So do I shut off my phone and go to sleep so I don’t do anything stupid??
Naaaa... I can’t! Coz I love being the person I am during these thirty. I cannot put her to sleep just because she might do something that'll send me banging my head into a wall later. I want every second of those thirty minutes. I want to get that high. It’s during these thirty that I rediscover the hopeless romantic in me! Cliché?  Maybe...  But very apt!


Goral... said...

nice 1 dear....

Anshu said...

Aha! So the next time you are planning to watch one of those weepie five hankie movies let me know the time they are going to finish. I'll be there to ask for some special favours while the halo of goodness lasts! BTW which was this movie which caused this grand effect... want to experience that too....

ANVITA said...

omg amu.... m i reading dis as ur thots!!!!! its kinda suprisingly amazin.... day by day u gimme more reasons to admire ya!!!!

Ashwini said...

Kids!? Now you have gone too far here... one thing at a time dear.

BTW, which movie got you soooo high?

Shaily Jain said...

hmmm....first of all,uncle is surely gonna ban u from watchin such movies where u throw ur carrer in trash!;)

Secondly the director will pay you for deriving the real essence of such movies!

n thirdly its Great!!u in ur blogs amicably define the ideas which are unclear to people who definetly go through them yet never wonder Why??
you do it n thats the beauty of ur write ups..!!

Shaily Jain said... has taken me by big surprise seeing u all mushy n romantic!!

Anonymous said...

verrry nice dear..

Amu said...

thanx all!!!
there isn't just one movie.. there are so many!!!
@anshu ma'am: haha! wouldn't mind doing something for you even without the halo! :)
@shaily: i m sending you the dvd. and pa didn't really get the blog. so no worries there! ;)