Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another blog? What about??

As I open the window to begin writing a new post, ten different ideas hit me! But then come the constraints~ some are too personal to share, some too offensive, and some so subjective that my own view regarding them could change the very next day rendering them "not fit" to be blogged about at the moment! I finally end up with nothing to write about!

Tonight was one such night when i had the time and the mood to write. And as i ruled one idea after another, the strongest emotion at that point of time was my helplessness at not being able to come up with the "right idea"! And thats when i figured that this very feeling was it!

You might not completely get me when i say i have multiple constraints that hold me back when writing a blog.. Here, let me help~ The ideas brimming at the top of my mind include how i feel about my friend's latest crush- shhhhh!; about the friend who betrayed me~ too personal!; about how much i hate our college's administration~ too risky!; II year results~ boring!; my new project~ again, boring!; our teachers~ depressing and risky!; the gathering~ nothing much to say; politics~ haven't got a clue!; cricket~ again zilch!; guys~ personal and subjective!
See my point?? Nothing seems just right!

Another funny-for-you, and frustrating-for-me thing is that the urge to write about something is at its peak only when i am super busy or have exams coming up sometime soon.. It'll always be after a hectic day during a demanding phase of the session that I'll have one of those waves of ideas to write about... And when they come, I can focus on nothing else until i put them into words...

So no matter how much I crave for those "waves" to hit me now, I know when they'll come... It'll be sometime around 3 am, after an eight to four weekday and when either the semesters will be a fortnight away or I'll have some project work with a deadline...

Till now I knew not about their timing, but now that I know about their evil nature, all I'll do is smile to myself, submit to their strength, push everything else for later, and just sit down and type... :)


Shaily Jain said...

VERY VERY TRUE..!!we actually get such mind-blowing ideas only during our exams or any other time when we just should not do it!

love your writing..
its relative n intriging..u make ur readers feel more connected, unlike some technocrat's blog which is more of an advertisement..!!

Anshu said...

I call that the itch! Wonder why it happens... when you gotta write, you just gotta write! And invariably it happens when you need to burrow your nose into those dusty tomes that come from the West.

BTW, throw caution to the winds and write. I held back too much when I could write and now I regret it. Set your pen free. Yes, a blog is too public, maybe a private journal is the solution perhaps...


rutu said...

hey i cud so relate wit ths... @a:bingo wit d itch...hav to take out n write in dat diary of mine wen i getit.