Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A tale of two villages

1st October 1989; 11:45pm. In a tiny village called Sewagram, a girl was born..
20 years later... the very doctor who delivered her, now teaches her the very thing..
o ya! Every kid born to a doc in Sewagram, does the same.. Its like, God got bored of writing each one his individual destiny, so he did a "copy to all" for all of us!
I got over with my 2nd year universities some 15 days back, and the very next day, as if one village wasn't enough, our batch had to go to another village, Bhidi, to get "reoriented" in medical education..
But contrary to what you might be expecting of me, I loved it there! o yes! those 11 days had squeezed into themselves fun equivalent to an additive account of every tiny ounce of masti that I had had in a long time!
I can never forget those early morning quick baths.. those 10-15 people hunched over the serving table fighting over the just arriver rotis.. those kho-kho matches.. those late nights of chatting, singing, dancing, laughing.. those often unsuccessful attempts at staying awake while listening to the unending stories of national policies.. those everyday walks along the not-so-pleasant smelling streets.. those tries to ditch the clinics.. those Christmas carols, those smiles popped upon every face at the mere sight of a camera.. every single quarrel, every single joke, nothing, virtually nothing compares to what memories this village camp has left us with!
And it is here, in that tiny village of 3200 people and 12 hour power cut, that I understood that no matter where you are, no matter who you are, in the end it is always the people who matter.. it is here that I realized that my friends had become my family and that had made all the difference!