Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am a true libran. Indecisive. Lost. Trying to balance opinions, seeing both sides of the story. And so, I am never sure of which way to go! 

I wish life was simpler.. I wish you could be spontaneous. But things don't work that way... 
I go through life one episode at a time.. There's no planning(stink at it!), am sure of nothing that could lie ahead...
My life's just like any other student's... classes, friends, movies and music.
And since my family's right here, there's no excitement of 'going back home!!' like many other students- another down regulating factor in the already not so exciting life! :(
I cannot hurt people and live with it... I m not comfortable talking about how I really feel about stuff either... my diary's helpful there..
Plus, I've always had trouble with the word 'no'.. I find it difficult saying it to people. And when I do, I don't really pull it off well. Things don't remain as pretty then on...
I love pets! love good food! And I find there's no bigger a turn on than a doc in the OT dress or a surgeon at work! 

Why Inertia?
If there is one constant aspect in my life, it would have to be this principle of fundamental physics. The tendency to resist any change! I love being set. In my cocoon, any attempt to disturb the equilibrium is frowned upon! 
Yep! That's me! :)